Tuesday, 18 April 2017

One of the questions we have received via Metro Hearing and Tinnitus website

"Do herbal supplements help with tinnitus? I have seen a lot of these herbal blends being advertised for a very cheap price, can I expect results from something like this?"  - David S. via e-mail

The short and simple answer is no, the herbal concoctions you see advertised online and in health food stores are a scam, tinnitus is not 'curable' by 'proprietary' blends of herbs, there has not been any scientific data presented to back up these claims, in fact Dr. Robert DiSogra has a great article debunking these supposed tinnitus 'miracle remedies' that we invite our patients to read for themselves.

Dietary supplements for tinnitus - really?

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Just an update for everyone, if you have any questions regarding tinnitus or misophonia you can
ask them on our website/live chat and we will answer them in this blog. According to the CDC approximately 15% of people suffer from tinnitus, if you believe you are one of those people, we can help you! Treatment is available! for more information please visit out website and go watch our testimonial videos!