Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Our tinnitus and misophonia specialist, Janusz Tobola was interviewed for Global National News this morning with one of our patients, discussing misophonia treatment in light of new research from Newcastle University, the new study officially recognizes misophonia as a 'disorder' which brings relief to many sufferers who were before seen as having an 'invisible' condition.

The links:

New Misophonia study confirms misophonia as a disorder
Metro Hearing and Tinnitus Treatment Clinic - we treat misophonia
Misophonia Treatment Testimonial - Mr.Kevin Horton

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

One of our patients was featured on the CBC radio show Quirks and Quarks over the weekend, he talked about when his misophonia began and went into  detail on some of the sounds and noises that would set him off,  for the complete interview the link is HERE .

Misophonia special on CBC's Quirks and Quarks

Kevin Horton's Metro Hearing testimonial

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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

We just wanted to let everyone know that we have a Youtube channel at this address and we upload videos regularly, here is a recent video of one of our misophonia patients talking about the relief he has been feeling since he started his treatment! You can visit our website and learn more about hearing disorders such as Tinnitus, Misophonia and Hyperacusis and if you have any questions feel free to call 905-273-7717 and ask them.

Kevin Horton Misophonia testimonial

Metro Hearing and Tinnitus Treatment Clinic website

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Here are the things it’s generally considered wise for Tinnitus sufferers to avoid, which also happen to be found in most fast food, combined these ingredients can make your tinnitus much worse so it is a good idea to cut down on them or avoid them altogether:
  • salt
  • caffeine
  • artificial sweeteners
  • sugar
  • sulfites
  • msg
  • saturated and trans fats